As the latest figures show youth unemployment over in Britain is now just below one million, Lord Alan Sugar gives advice to would be apprentices looking for hard to find jobs. But will that advice work for an arts graduate, a 20 year old who has spent eight months on the dole and a catering college leaver who are among 250 potential employees competing for the post of a bakers’ assistant at a big supermarket? Fiona Foster follows them through the interview process where only one will hear the words ‘you’re hired’. In addition to this, a panel of self-made business experts including the government’s Business Tsar Lord Sugar, former dragon Richard Farleigh and business consultant Ruth 'The' Badger give their top tips on how our 16-24 year olds can get ahead despite the recession. As for our version of Lord Sugar; tonight (on TV3 at 9pm) Bill is challenging teams are challenged to design a Christmas-themed product to be sold at stores across Ireland, with the profits going to charity. Little brown pellets abound.