The peaceful seaside resort of Amity is once again terrorised by a man-eating great white shark. What are the odds? Especially since they blew up the other fellah... While police chief Brody struggles to convince the townsfolk of the danger, a group of teenagers - including Brody's two sons - is adrift at sea in waters hunted by the shark. Thriller sequel, starring Roy Scheider and Lorraine Gary. If this hasn't got sufficient bite for you, there's a load of other films on, like Tomb Raider (10.15pm, BBC1); Jackie Chan's First Strike (9.30pm, TG4); Vertical Limit (9.30pm, RTE2); and You've Got Mail (9.25pm, RTE1). While we're at it, would you believe RTE1 are showing You've Got Mail at a reasonable hour, while The Truman Show and Rebel Without a Cause are on at the ungodly hours of 12.35am and 2.25am respectively?