From people 'making it' on the west coast (Entourage, 10.15pm: Ari desperately tries to reach an agreement with Lizzie before she can do any lasting damage to his career, we move to people attempting to 'make it' on the east coast... If How To Make It In America is new to you, The series tells the story of two twenty-something pals - talented but directionless Ben (Bryan Greenberg) and irrepressible hustler Cam (Victor Rasuk) - who decide to start their own clothing line after fashion school dropout Ben spots a bolt of rare denim in the back of a truck. Tonight, the entrepreneurs talk their way into meeting with a major buyer - only for Ben to lose faith in the product after their sample jeans turn out disastrously. Elsewhere, Rene searches for a stash of money he hid away before going to jail, while Rachel tries to convince Darren that she has got over Ben.