Dr. Mark Hamilton is back, and once again saving the morbidly obese, the stressed and the generally unhealthy amongst us from an early grave by scaring folk into a more agreeable lifestyle. Tonight see's 29 year old Tallaght native Ian Kelly try to curb his 20 smokes a day habit, while juggling a six day a week job, and two kids. Ian doesn't have the time to join a gym, and his eating plan would give Jamie Oliver an aneurism so Dr. Mark sets him achievable goals that will ultimately change his lifestyle and have him fend off the grim reaper for another decade or two. We love the bit when they show them a picture of what they'll be like when they're 50 - it's never pretty. If you want to be properly scared instead, British horror The Descent starts on Channel 4 at 11.05pm, or you can instead have a guilty chuckle at Ryan Reynolds starring comedy Van Wilder which is on E4 at 9.00pm.