Would you let Harry Hill come at you with a scalpel? No, not a rubber one that made a zany pinging noise when it came in contact with your belly... an actual medical implement? This is probably why Mathew changed his name to Harry and decided a career in comedy befitted him more. The big-collared comedian reviews the week's small-screen highlights, subjecting the latest soap sagas, reality shows and documentaries to his unique brand of scrutiny. More specifically, Dr. Mathew will be addressing BBC1's uber highbrow show Hole in The Wall, which can be seen at 5.30pm. Dale Winton hosts the show where celebrities crawl into tight silver onsies and fling themselves through moving walls, all in the name of charity. Regular team captains Anton du Beke and Darren Gough are joined by former rugby player Martin Offiah, Lady Isabella Hervey and Neil and Christine Hamilton. Mine eyes!