From the outset, you would think that 25-35-year-olds have it made. Many have a decent education, are well travelled and live in a hi-tech world that would have seemed like a sci-fi movie to their parents' generation. However, ultimately, as this three-part documentary is showing (final episode airs tonight), things aren't so rosy, and it seems for the first time in history this generation are predicted to be worse off than their own parents. A lack of job security and pensionable jobs, huge levels of personal and mortgage debt – if they are even allowed to borrow – are just some of the generational challenges they face. Told over the course of a few months and featuring young people from Cavan, Louth, Meath, Dublin and Westmeath, the lives of these participants will be intercut across the series with expert commentary to reveal the story of being young and a bit f’d in Ireland.