Comic Relief once again takes over the BBC, as the countdown to the evening's festivities is finally over. Tonight will include the illustrious likes of David Tennant, Davina McCall, Fern Britton, Jonathan Ross, Alan Carr, and Graham Norton; all of whom will be tickling your funny-bone, in order to get you to part with some of your hard earned cash. British comedy stalwarts Ricky Gervais and Little Britain will be performing a special sketch; whilst Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse will be trying to get the millionaires from The Dragon's Den to back their money-making schemes. The events will be on-going until the wee-hours also, with James Corden and Matthew Horne turning up in the AM, and French and Saunders performing their last ever sketch. Jesus, last ever sketch? This programme is just an endless supply of happy pills. Someone give the Dawn French a Terry's Chocolate Orange before she starts gnawing on Ricky Gervais' leg.