We forget sometimes that some of our place names are more than a little difficult for foreigners to pronounce correctly.

After all, you could look at something like Drogheda and think that it's Drogg-hee-dah because, well, that's what it reads like when it's done phonetically. Of course, as we all know, it's Draw-hed-ah with the drawl on Draaawww-hed-uh.

Anyway, Irishman and Laois native Zach Tuohy of the Australian Football team Geelong (pronounced Jeee-long) Cats was being interviewed by Channel 7's AFL analysts about his most recent sportsball exploits when they came out with an absolute dog's dinner of a sentence.

"Tell us what the scenes will be like in Portaloosh, in Ireland, your home town. Mum and dad, do they get to stream the games? They're able to get it in real time?"

Of course, Zach Tuohy demonstrating that famous restraint of the O'Moore County, gently corrected them. "Get it in real time? I think the carrier pigeons have to get there with the score. Yeah, they get in real time. It's 'Portlaoise' FYI as well. People back at home will give out if I don't correct you. 'Leash' like a dog leash."

To be fair to the analysts, they clearly hadn't a notion how to pronounce and seem to laugh the whole thing off.

Here's the clip.