He is just so cool. Will Smith turned the ripe old age of 50 yesterday, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than by bungee jumping out of a helicopter.

The Fresh Prince jumped out of the helicopter near the Grand Canyon live on YouTube yesterday evening. The jump was part of a fundraiser for 'Education Cannot Wait', which donates educational materials and also provides educational programmes to communities worldwide who wouldn't get an education otherwise. And by donating to the cause, one very lucky fan won the chance to watch him take that jump.

As the streaming was going out live, fans, and celebs alike, were more than a little worried about Will making it out alive. 

Not to worry though, cool as a cucumber Will made it safely back to steady ground and he has really upped the ante as to what he'll do for his next birthday. Watch the full stream below, or go to the 4.30 mark to cut to the jump.