Say what you like about Jaden Smith, but the young actor and model is not afraid to make a bold fashion statement.

In recent years, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith has often been seen sporting skirts, and even became one of the faces of Louis Vuitton's Womenswear collection in 2016 because of it.

However, it seems that at least one of his parents was not on board with his sartorial choices - at least initially.

Taking part in her Facebook Red Table Talk series with Jaden, her daughter Willow and her mother Adrienne, Jada Pinkett-Smith revealed that Will had had 'his feelings' about the matter.

"He has his feelings on that for sure," she said. "I remember Will calling me and being like, “Have you talked about this Jaden and him wearing a skirt?” And I said, “Yeah I have. He’s pretty happy about it.”‘


She added that she gave Jaden 'props' for wearing feminine clothing while "being a black young man - and the son of like an über masculine hip-hop star."

Jaden, on the other hand, said his decision was simple: ‘I wore the skirts to I could look fly. That’s why I wore the skirts, so everyone would say, “He’s an innovator. His head’s in a different place.”‘