OK, so he's been trying to shake his cute boy-next-door look ever since he starred in 21 Jump Street, but letting your teeth go the way of a Victorian street urchin is just a step too far. On the one hand, you could say "Hey, they're his teeth, he can do what he wants", but on the other hand "Think of your wife, Godnammit!"

While we quietly chortled at his mick ripping antics at that Alice in Wonderland press conference, we failed to notice the state of his gnashers. Obviously twitter were quick to clock that his teeth weren't quite "Hollywood". True, you don't have to conform, and start bleaching them, but at least try keeping them clean. 

The only excuse is that he's gone full method when it comes to embodying Jack Sparrow. That or his Keith Richards obsession has really hit new heights. 

Then again, not everyone is turned off by Depp's new look.

Via The Independent