Thank goodness for funny videos of meteorologists, who have always kept us sane with various mishaps over the years.

It always seems to happen to the meteorologist, right? Below you can see a video of a weather report that went wrong, after a strange glitch turns the broadcast into a bit of a party (of one).

FOX 9 Minneapolis meteorologist Jennifer McDermed tried to make the best of a bad situation which unfolded while giving a weather report this week.

It turns out that when she clicked the remote to change the graphic behind her on the screen, the system imploded, creating multiple doubles of her. The doubles also manages to increase in size, creating a very weird yet utterly hilarious moment on live TV.

Naturally, when there's 20 different versions of you on your weather report, you do the first thing that comes to mind - strut across the screen while stifling a fit of the giggles.

Here's the moment the weather report glitch went down. All hail live TV.