Expect an extra showering of toddlers into your area at some point later today...

If you're coming to the end of your tether while working from home - why not spare a thought for those who have to present the news from their homes. Because one weather reporter's toddler ended up ruining her segment (we say ruining, but he made it even cuter).

South California's ABC7 Eyewitness News weather reporter Leslie Lopez ran into a strong toddler stormfront during a new bulletin recently, as her son ran up to her for a hug while she was presenting live.

Continuing like a pro, Leslie began to laugh through the unexpected occurrence, saying "there's a baby down below".

She eventually had to give in, and picked up her son while finishing off her report, signing off with "he walks now guys, so...".

Here's the cute moment the weather reporter's toddler crashed her job.

Earlier in the week, another rather hilarious blunder happened on BBC Wales. The interviewee went viral for a very NSFW item which was spotted sitting upright on the bookshelf behind her.