This sort of makes up for Sandra Bullock and Harvey Weinstein failing to come across with one on the night... Apparently Ellen passed Pharell's hat around and managed to whip together $600 (really, they should've given him the hat as a tip; the other one sold for $44,000). That clearly wasn't enough for making a crazy Julia Roberts fan walk out onto a stage sweating under boxes of pizzas, so Ellen rounded it up to a nice round $1,000.

You may note that Ellen's audience got approximately thrice the amount of pizza than the Oscars crowd got. Maybe that's why Brad Pitt initially declined, and Leonardo Di Caprio flat out refused to the point of scoffing... actually, did anyone watching The Oscars last night see that segment and almost squirm the pants off themselves? Some things are just funnier on paper.

'The Pizza Guy' wasn't the only person on Ellen yesterday; she also had on Oscar winners Jared Leto, Cate Blanchett, and Lupita Nyong'o, who were all completely fubared. No rest for the wicked, hah? Someone needs to get Cate the hair of the hound, stat!

>Oscars 2014 - the 'best' dressed, who wore what: Jolie, Blanchett, Roberts, Adams, Nyong'o
>Oscars 2014 - the 'worst' dressed: Kendrick, GaGa, Leto, Williams, Hathaway, Streep, Watson