As you may have already heard, Russell Crowe generated quite a few headlines recently when he held a 'divorce auction' to raise money for just that - his divorce from wife Danielle Spencer.

The Aussie actor auctioned off a lot of personal memorabilia including art pieces and various items from movies he had starred in over the years - making over $3 million in the process.

One of them was a jockstrap that he wore in 'Cinderella Man', and now its buyer has been revealed as none other than Last Week Tonight host John Oliver.

Oliver told his audience that he had bought the jockstrap - as well as a vest Crowe wore in Les Miserables and a seat from American Gangster - to donate to the last Blockbuster outlet in Anchorage, Alaska.

Most of the DVD/video rental chain store have closed down, but the Anchorage store is now independently-owned - and Oliver said that he wanted the items to be a "fun, movie-themed way to draw people in", like Planet Hollywood.

Watch him explain his reasoning below: