The sexual tension isn't quite as rife as it was with Nicole Kidman, but if that pair hand engaged in an arm wrestle Lord knows where it would've ended up... We're still fanning ourselves

Here, Jimmy Fallon challenges Liam Neeson to an arm wrestle where they list the things they're going to do 'after they win.' This results in lots of barely disguised autocue reading (largely on Jimmy's side; we're unable to see Liam's eyes on account of their deep-set nature) and one of them roaring 'DICK RUBNUTS!' in a gutteral fashion. 

In other news, it will surprise no one that Liam Neeson once hit a deer. Not with his big, man hands, rather with his motorbike. He also got his first driving lesson from Helen Mirren, and only got his license aged 30. Gives me hope.