You may be living under a rock and if you have you should at least temporarily emerge to check out the new Beauty and the Beast trailer. Heck, everyone has seen it – it even broke Fifty Shades Darker’s record for most watched trailer in a single day.

The Beauty and the Beast cast Josh Gad (LeFou), Dan Stevens (the Beast), Emma Watson (Belle), Luke Evans (Gaston), and director Bill Condon did a Q&A on Facebook Live after the trailer debuted.

The questions were audience submitted and one of the highlights of the session came when Dan Stevens was asked: ‘is there any aspect of the Beast’s character we’ll get to see in the film which we’ve never seen before?’

Steven answers: ‘We learn a little bit more about this vain, spoiled, rich kid son of a billionaire who treats women like objects and lives in a ridiculous luxury tower…’ and you can see Watson starting to smile when he mentions the ‘treating women like objects’ and nearly losing it when he mentions the tower.

Check it out:

Here’s the full Q&A: