Tony Abbott has had a strange week, after his rather patronising message about Patrick's Day ended up going viral, somewhat by accident. 

It seems he was at it again at a visit to a Charlton Farm in rural Tasmania, as when he was being shown around the land and getting a look at the procude, he decided to sink his teeth into a raw onion. Something in us compels us to add that the onion wasn't even peeled, as though that would somehow make it less weird, but honestly we're not sure it does. 

Could it be possible that Tony has been the victim of an extremely long-running prank in which one of his friends, or perhaps even a trusted elder, once told him as a youngling that onions were apples, and he has been eating them like that for his entire life without anyone ever letting him in on the joke? Grinning and baring it, tears streaming down his face in a desperate attempt to achieve acceptance among his apple-loving peers, who cruelly played along, it's now too late for Tony to face the awful truth, the shock could be too much. We don't know, but we're definitely never having the apple pie if we're ever invited to his house for dinner. Something tells us we won't be, though.

Via i100