By now, everyone's aware of what it's going to take to sort out the current situation - namely, stay at home, wash your hands, and practice social distancing.

Of course, some of us have practiced social distancing for much longer because of our inherent personality flaws. (cough) Anyways, the big thing that's come up again and again throughout all of this is the need to wash your hands thoroughly.

There's already been endless memes about washing your hands, guides with song lyrics, famous people doing it now, but in case none of them got through to you or those closest to you, fret not. There is one song that will lodge itself in your brain like a parasite, eating its way through the grey matter until only these words remain.


Yes, we are of course talking about 'Baby Shark', the song that you are familiar with even if you don't have kids, are never around kids, and don't even like kids. This song is so eye-clawingly omniscient that you can just pick it up anywhere and it's lodged in your brain. Not unlike a virus.

Anyway, there's a wash-your-hands version online that might be useful if you somehow forget the procedures for washing your hands. Be prepared to have this latched inside your mind for the next two weeks.