Is all this chat about Coronavirus getting you down? Do you want to ensure your hands are washed safely, while also enjoying memes? Well then you're in luck.

Washing your hands memes have swept the internet by storm these past few days, and for good reason. The best way to deal with a virus wiping out thousands of people across the world? Make it the butt of the joke.

Of course, everyone has been washing their hands much more frequently of late - and you should continue to do so - but constantly washing your hands doesn't mean you can't have a big of fun while you do it, right?

Here's the best of the washing your hands memes that we've spotted being shared on Twitter.

Monty Burn's number will make those 20 seconds worthwhile.

When is there not a time for Britney Spears?

Everyone in a gym right now when 'Sandstorm' comes on.

"Do do do do do..."

Of course you'll survive... By listening to this song.

If you happen to find yourself in that filthy puddle of mud.

We're also fans of the movie quotes option.

"It isn't all bad... is it?"

This should be broadcast on intercoms all over the country.

This has also been doing the rounds online this past week and is worth another gawk, if you missed it.

And finally, this golden nugget of sunshine.

While you're stocking up on toilet roll and antibacterial wipes like there's no tomorrow, you might as well create your own song choice by heading directly to the Wash Your Lyrics website here.