Or as he puts it, takes "great pride in mastering ALL performances."

If you're scratching your head and wondering what the hell Dwayne Johnson is referencing, let us take you back to Friday and DJ Khaled claiming that doesn't perform oral sex on his wife because he is "king" and there are "different rules" for men.

"Nahhh. Never! I don’t do that," Khaled said when asked if he performs oral sex. "It’s different rules for men. You gotta understand, we the king. There’s some things that y’all might not wanna do, but it got to get done. I just can’t do what you want me to do. I just can’t."

As outrageous as his statement may be, it was the response to it that really took off as Smash Mouth (yes, Shrek's Smash Mouth) came out of the woodwork with a spectacular tweet that went viral.

After that tweet did the rounds online, Johnson then decided to become part of the conversation, dropping a statement early yesterday that left everyone reeling.

Yes, you read that right, that's one of the world's highest paid and most popular actors, one so popular people wanted him to run for President of the United States, coming out in favour of performing oral sex.

Your fave could never.