Tomorrow is X Factor night, so of course there are a few stories floating around in the tabloids today, just to drum up a bit of excitement. Today, I bring you news of Wagner trying it on with some granny, Katie and Amy Winehouse having a drink or two together, Paije on Harry Potter and Mary on that wonderful voice she has, and this is all according to The Irish Sun.

First off, a granny from Birmingham has spoken out about an apparent meeting she had with Wagner, just weeks before he shot to fame on X Factor. 61 year old Melba Green claims she was bowled over by Wagner when he serenaded her at a gig and then offered to drive her to another pub in his convertible. When Melba and the Brazilian heart throb (obviously I'm having a giggle here) began talking, she told him she had contacts in the music business and asked him if he wanted to go to a pub where the 'contacts' would be. He duly agreed and they both set off in his flashy motor. But it wasn't long until it turned weird. Here is her account of what happened:

"I was quite flattered when he sang to me and I did sort of like him (seriously?), he was fascinating in an odd sort of way.... He had a beautiful sports car. The roof was down. I never suspected he'd start misbehaving as soon as he put it (the roof that is) up. He put his hand on my crotch. I said, 'That is so disrespectful'. He said, 'I'm just showing you some affection.' Then he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch and said, 'You touch me then.' I pulled it away and said, 'That disgusting'. I did have a sexy top on but, that didn't give him the right to behave like that." Now, Melba could have left Wagner when he dropped her home and put this entire awful experience behind her but, she didn't. No, she then let him into her house. "He was acting very sleezy (clear indication to step away from the situation Ms Green). I knew one of my sons was home so I didn't mind him having a cup of tea when he dropped me off. He said he wanted to use the loo, but then tried to take me upstairs to my bedroom and grabbed my wrist. Then when he was leaving, he grabbed my top, pulled it and looked at my breasts. I was shocked." Oh really, it was only then that you were shocked? Who knows if it's true or not but, it doesn't help the fact that some folk already find him sleezy, just by looking at him, and I would count myself as one of those people. Wagner was apparently unable to comment, according to a spokesperson. One thing he did comment on though was his performance on last weeks show saying "I'm disgusted with my performance... If I could, I'd delete it from YouTube and my memory." So would we all, Wags.

In other news, it's been reported that Katie sneaked out of the X Factor house and went to meet Amy Winehouse in the Hawley Arms. As the pair drank, Katie asked Amy for advice on how to survive in show business. Wise move, Katie. Getting advice from an ex-druggie, boob popping, beehive wearing, worn out pop star - clever. You may have seen some of the X Factor contestants attend the Harry Potter premiere last night in London. Well, Paije admitted (I presume it was to the awaiting press) that he has been an extra in all the Harry Potter films since 2005's The Goblet of Fire. Fair play if he was. Finally today, Mary Byrne thanked the rents for her talent. She said "I owe it all to me mudder and me faader. It's a gift and I want to use it....I tank dem everury day in me prayers."

-Alicia Coyle.

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