Today everyone had a mild shitfit over the status of Kate Middleton's uterus, which seems to have all the world watching it. Girl can't even probably eat a load of bread without a week of pregnancy rumours chasing her. Yes, said uterus is going to produce an heir that will someday rule the British throne and simultaneously release Harry from his duties enough so he can fully be wild, so of all the uteri in the world, it's up there in importance but really? Have we learned nothing from Nipplegate? Let's leave Kate, Wills and all their body parts alone. Except for Kate's hair, which is jahmazing as always.

Then we had Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried at the Japanese premiere of Les Miserables, where they looked anything but. Although Jackman's grey on grey suit, or blue on blue suit depending on the photo, was a bit moody. Hathaway and Seyfried were all demure glamour, even if Hathaway went with a cheeky perforated dress. She's rocking the pixie look though, which is lucky.

The Beebs performed at Madison Square Garden, on the whitetrash ghetto musical angel ladyboy tour. At least I'm assuming that's what it's called from these photos. Seem she even has a little Titanic moment for himself too. Unfortunately though it's not him freezing in the North Atlantic.

And finally, knickers, knickers, knickers with Dita Von Teese. She has a lingerie range with Debenhams now, in case you were thinking it was something else. You filth.