Warning: if you have a thing about feet, look away now.

Even if you don't, this is a seriously horrible video to watch - but it's gone viral on Twitter due to the sheer audacity of the person in question.

A friend of Twitter user Alafair Burke caught the culprit on camera using his FEET to scroll through the screen at his seat. His feet. His actual, sweaty, smelly, dirty, germ-infested bare feet.

We have so many questions. Imagine sitting next to this person and watching them do this, thinking it was normal? Why did he think it was okay to take his shoes and socks off in the first place? Imagine boarding the same flight later that day, sitting in the same seat and touching the screen that someone had put their sweaty feet all over? Why? Why? WHYYYYYY?

Naomi Campbell had the right idea with the Dettol wipes. We will now actually never fly without them after seeing this.

What. is. wrong. with. people.