It shouldn't come as any surprise that Naomi Campbell is operating on a different plane of reality to most of us, but her latest YouTube video is actually more relatable than you might think.

The supermodel has her own YouTube channel that documents her life called 'Being Naomi', and her latest upload sees her sharing her airport routine.

She flounces through Nice Airport on her way to Qatar, making a stop-off at Duty Free for some magazines, beauty products and Haribo jellies. So far, so reasonably-normal.

However, when she boards the plane, it isn't long before she whips out a pair of gloves and a packet of Dettol wipes and gets to work.

She may look like slightly bonkers, but we have to admit that there is method to her madness - particularly when you read about stuff like how the tray table is one of the most germ-infested places on a plane. And, as she says, she takes a lot of flights, so it's wise to take precautions against getting sick.

Watch it below: