We're not encouraging people to go out onto the streets and start just murdering people left and right. That isn't this at all.

Rather, this story about a man who goes on a Tinder date is the kind of thing where you'll hope and pray for a giant asteroid to wipe out humanity as we know it so we can start over. It's the kind of thing where you'll truly wonder if we as a species are justified in continuing on, and whether or not Rust Cohle in 'True Detective' was right about sentience being some kind of cosmic joke.

Read, be horrified, know that this is some truly awful sh*t.

So, if you didn't read through all of that, here's a quick summary - humanity is a mistake, society has reached an endpoint where nothing can exist anymore, vanity is the ultimate sin and we are all to blame for this. And just in case you think to yourself that maybe this is some kind of stunt - which it is, technically - there's actually video evidence of the whole thing unfolding.

It's... horrifying. And exactly why a meteor needs to wipe us all out, 'Deep Impact' style.