We all know at least someone looking to buy a house at the moment. And we all know they're having a hell of a time finding one.

Well there's a five-bedroom house on the market in the UK at the mo that looks perfectly normal from the outside. But inside is a whole other story.

The home which is being described as a "family haven" is in Pinner, Middlesex. Its range of plug sockets and downlighters have left potential buyers baffled as there are just so many.

This came to the Twitterverse's attention when Toby Davies (who was a writer on 'That Mitchell and Web Look') shared a link to the home:

And indeed when one looks at images of the place on Rightmove, the number of plug sockets is ludicrous.

Via Rightmove

Soon others took to Twitter to poke fun at the house as well.

Someone needs to call Dermot Bannon from 'Room to Improve' immediately.