The journey to buying your first home can be tough, with a lot of different elements to consider. Along with that, there are exaggerated portrayals out there of what buckling down and getting a mortgage is like, along with plenty of misleading information. We want to cut through the nonsense and get the facts!

Home School, in association with Ulster Bank, follows Movies Editor Brian Lloyd as he goes on a journey to learn all there is to know about buying his first home. He meets experts throughout the series, learning everything from how to cut through red tape to decorating on a budget.

This six-part series breaks through first-time buyer myths and gets down to the home truths of the market in Ireland today.

Getting Market Ready

Episode 1 Getting Market Ready

In this episode, Brian meets with Carolina Lees, who is a Senior Negotiator at Savills Ireland. Brian learns about what is involved in getting market-ready and how to best choose an area to live in.

Mortgage Myth Busting

Episode 2 Mortgage Myth Busting

Brian meets with Ulster Bank’s Mobile Mortgage Manager Maura Griffin. Maura takes Brian through the mortgage process and busts common myths surrounding the process.

Legal Myth Busting

Episode 3 Legal Myth Busting

In this episode of Home School, Brian sits down with a solicitor for the first time. Solicitor Tom O’Hare chats Brian through the legal aspects around buying your first home and provides the facts.

Viewing Old Properties

Episode 4 Viewing Old Properties

Brian views an old property alongside Chartered Building Surveyor Ciarán Banahan. Ciarán takes Brian through the property showing him the importance of a building survey when it comes to old properties and his main watch-outs.

Viewing New Properties

Episode 5 Viewing New Properties

In this episode, Brian learns all about snagging! Brian meets Snag List Inspector Joe Lavelle, who teaches him the value of a Snag List when purchasing a new property and shows him the main things to consider on a viewing.

Time to Decorate

Episode 6 Time to Decorate

Elaine Verdon founder of Interior Design Studio Leo + Cici teaches Brian how to approach decorating a home after purchasing a property. The pair get to work transforming a first-time buyers living room space.

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