It's rare that you'd actually find a relationship that begins like a rom-com of some kind, but it can happen - and it happened for two fitness instructors and was lovingly documented by the people who swapped seats with them on Twitter.

So it goes that Rosey Blair and her boyfriend were on a flight back to Texas with the two of them separated. As you can imagine, a bit of seat-juggling took place with Rosey swapping seats with a woman - casually joking that perhaps her new seat partner could be the love of her life.


It all starts off innocent enough, the two get to talking and it's pretty tame so far. 

From there, you had a baby (very good sign, premonition) getting involved with things and some talk of TED Talks. Honestly, it's amazing what people will do when you take away screens. They actually have to talk to one another.

There was even a mid-date hair change, not to mention an exchange of fitness tips because they're both fitness instructors and what else are you going to talk about except fitness? 

It even got to the advanced stages of sharing family photos with one another, which is ALWAYS a good sign on a first date. 

Plot-twist - it seems as though they may have even joined the Mile High Club, such was the level of chemistry and tension going on.

Needless to say, pretty much everyone following the story was enrapt by the whole thing. 

And just to make things even more serious, they even followed one another on Instagram... 

...and walked off the plane together. 

You can follow the entire Twitter Moment here. Meanwhile, we're going to see if we can option the rights to the eventual movie adaptation that's going to be made out of it.