What would awards season be like without a bit of drama, right? This time it appears to be The Oscars that all accusing fingers are pointing at (again).

The Actor's Union, SAG-AFTRA, have issued a rare statement condemning the actions of The Oscars. The union feels that the Academy are pressuring actors to not appear at other awards ceremonies, such as the upcoming Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards.

Since Kevin Hart stepped down from presenting duties at the year's awards, The Oscars have been scrambling to get a fitting replacement, or in this case, super replacements.

Apparently, the awards show are keen to re-assemble the cast of The Avengers throughout the show at various points. It's believed that The Oscars don't want to let Earth's mightiest heroes be seen presenting awards at other events, so as to make their appearance extra special.

Whether this was the tipping point for the Union or not, isn't entirely clear. However, the big issue at hand is that SAG-AFTRA wants the Academy to have less control of the choice that A-List actors and actresses are making. If they wish to appear at more than one awards show, so be it.

The Union said in their opening line of their statement that, "SAG-AFTRA has fielded numerous requests to respond to assertions that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences exerts extraordinary and unwarranted pressure on talent to hold them from appearing at other award presentations.

"We have received multiple reports of these activities and have experienced firsthand the Academy’s graceless pressure tactics and attempts to control the awards show talent pipeline. Awards season is a very special time when actors and actresses are being appropriately celebrated and recognized for the outstanding quality of their work. We would expect the Academy to honor these goals."

SAG-AFTRA continued their tearing down of The Oscars' actions, saying "Actors should be free to accept any offer to participate in industry celebrations. The apparent attempt by the Academy to keep our members from presenting on their own awards show is utterly outrageous and unacceptable."

The upcoming SAG Awards were mentioned, with the Union saying "The SAG Awards supports their union’s operations and important charitable assistance programs that provide valuable support to performers.

"We call on the Academy to cease this inappropriate action.”

The Academy have yet to respond to the statement.

The SAG Awards are due to take place on January 27th; while The Oscars are on February 24th.