Taylor Swift is not a fan of her BFF Selena Gomez being anywhere near Justin Beiber, and got properly stung last night making her feelings perfectly obvious to those around her. Unfortunately for T. Swizzle, she forgot there were cameras everywhere and now the world knows who she really feels. And that feeling? Grossed. Out.

Taylor, you just went up a million per cent in our books. She is us in the world of celebrity.

Having picked up a rake of awards, Taylor was moving through the backstage area at the Billboard Awards and came across bestie Selena embracing Bieber in what looks like a simple peck on the cheek hello Paris-style and was less than impressed. Just look at the grip Selena has on his shoulder. That's way more than a simple hello. Our skin is crawling and we're guessing Taylor's was too.

And to be fair, she's probably sick of being that friend to Selena, the one who's constantly consoling her every time Bieber messes her about, and always telling her she should never go back there. Swift was even helping Gomez pen a post-break-up 'F*ck you Beiber' tune, so when Selena gave Justin some of her time and pleasantries last night, Taylor just couldn't help herself. Even the audience were anti-Bieber, booing his winning of the 'Milestone' Award. As she sang earlier in the night, it was the perfect night to make fun of exes, so she was merely sticking to her guns.