I know. And there was only the one costume change when we're used to 20 - if you could call the Bucks Fizz lite skirts swipe an actual costume change... You just can't get musicians to commit these days. What a total lack of effort by everyone involved - especially those being murdered.

Of course, we jest. Taylor's performance of Blank Space was a fitting opening to last night's American Music Awards given how HUGE it was. Who knew one stage could be that enormous?!

FYI, the quality of the video is a bit pants, but it's the one uploaded by the AMA official YouTube channel so whaddayagonnado.

Indeed the only thing that would've made that performance utter perfection would've been if Harry Styles was standing behind the last door... Speaking of which, One Direction were the big winners from last night. See who won what over in Music News. 

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