Considering 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin spent his career in the wrestling ring, you've got to imagine he's more than capable of taking on a couple of spicy chicken wings.

Yet, as he explains throughout the interview, he's all about monitoring his heart rate - and it goes quickly up when he gets into the spicier stuff. For example, one of the sauces he ends up eating registers up near 135,600 on the Scoville scale of spiciness. Just to put that in perspective - a cayenne pepper is in the 30,000 - 50,000 range. This thing is 100,000 over a cayenne pepper.

Sure enough, Austin talks about his wrestling days, all while trying to keep his mouth from going on fire. There's a good few stories in there about Mike Tyson, Big Bossman getting hit in the face by Austin for messing up a move, and sure enough, Austin discusses some of his most embarrassing moments in the ring.

For example, Austin confirmed that, yes, he did in fact crap his wrestling trunks in South Africa when he was battling Yokozuna and was dropped flat on his back by the guy. "I walked to the back, took a hell of a shower," he laughed, and then worried his next wing would do the same.

It didn't, thankfully. Here's the interview.