Although she won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in 'La La Land', Emma Stone would probably tell you herself that meeting the Spice Girls was more important to her.

For one, she nearly broke out in tears when Graham Norton tricked her into thinking that the Spice Girls were about to appear on the show with her. Plus, she's brought them up numerous times in various interviews, so it's clearly not just a passing phase.

So it goes, anyway, that Emma Stone and her favourite Spice Girl, Emma Bunton, finally got a chance to meet when the legendary pop act played at Wembley Stadium the other day.

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When Emma met Emma. #2become1

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Emma Stone, who famously doesn't have an Instagram account even though Billy Eichner tried to convince her otherwise, posed for a photo with Baby Spice just before the sold-out Wembley concert.

Stone was tricked into thinking the Spice Girls on 'Graham Norton', and talked about weeping at a video message by Mel B. "I was a fiend, I was obsessed with the Spice Girls, they thought me about Girl Power," Stone explained to Graham Norton. More pointedly, Emma Stone said that Emma Bunton was her favourite, and in a slightly mean joke, Graham Norton built her up, only to let her know what they weren't.

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