The SpiceWorld Tour kicked off last night in Ireland's Croke Park stadium, with up to 80,000 attendees said to have shown up.

Conflicting rumour of how many people were actually in attendance in Croke Park seem to be rife - but as long as everyone had a good time, who cares, right? Well, apparently, some people were left upset with the return of the Spice Girls.

It appears that there may have been some vocal and sound issues, that plagued their set and hindered some concert-goers nights.



And one Spice Girl in particular addressed the problem on social media. Uploading to her Instagram story, Mel B let her followers know her thoughts on the first night of the tour. Thanking her fans, and riling up anticipation for the groups next stop in Cardiff, the singer went on to say "... hopefully the vocals and the sound will be much, much better".


However, not to make our nation sound all high and mighty but... sure, aren't we just the best at just getting on with it? Apart from a few people, thousands of attendees seemed to have had one hell of a night. Just take a look at this pre-Spice Girls Irish dancing set if you don't believe us.


And just look at all of these other attendees on Twitter who has an incredible night too, sound issues or not.




We also commend everyone who wore fancy dress to the gig, and would very much have liked to have seen this man in person.


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