Remember Joss Stone? The barefoot warbler from the West Country who sounded like she was from the West Coast? OK, now remember two men tried to rob and kill her - they had a body bag and everything?

Well, those two individuals - who go by the names Junior Bradshaw (33) and Kevin Liverpool (36) - have had their sentences reduced quite considerably. According to BBC News: "Liverpool, who was originally given life with a minimum term of 10 years and eight months, has had the tariff reduced to six-and-a-half years. Bradshaw's 18-year sentence was cut to 10 years by Court of Appeal judges."

That isn't great news for the crooner, especially considering their penchant for swords. Still, at least she has Prince Harry to protect her. He has access to tanks 'n stuff. In case you're wondering what they're doing together - apart from looking like a very handsome couple - they were both attending the Sentebale Summer Party in London on May 7th. Stone is the Sentebale ambassador. That's just all kinds of interesting.