There are so many reasons to like Colin Farrell- he’s smart, talented, a terrific actor, handsome, and a loving father, as well as great craic and able to relate a great story (his recent anecdote on The Ellen Show about taking care of his ‘retro bush’ is just one example).

Being termed 'the thinking woman's hunk' is just one more compliment for the multifaceted Irish thespian.

Farrell is due to shortly star in The Beguiled, alongside fellow actors Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning. He plays a wounded Union soldier who is taken in by a group of young women in an all-girls boarding school. However, his presence there soon causes great sexual tension and ultimately, chaos.

Revealing why she wanted the Farrell to play the lead role, the Oscar-winning director of the movie, Sofia Coppola (whose previous credits include The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation), said that he's "the thinking woman's hunk".

She added, "The soldier had to be really masculine and a contrast to these delicate Southern ladies. And I just met different actors, and Fred Roos, my great consultant, suggested Colin.

"I had met him before, but hadn’t thought of him for this. But when I met him, he’s very charismatic and charming and it felt like he could be the kind of thinking woman’s hunk that we needed. He had to be sexy to them, but also kind of mysterious and complicated."

The Beguiled is due for release in Ireland on June 23rd.