Some call them three-cube sockets. Some call them cube plugs. Others call them three-pin adapters. From now on, we're going to refer to them as TWISTED FIRE STARTERS.

That might seem like we're exaggerating, but to be fair, Sister Michael from 'Derry Girls' wouldn't have any reason to lie. So it goes that Siobhan McSweeney's tale of woe involving a cube plug, some mattresses and a fire in her house.

As she tells it, the whole thing started - and this is from the fire investigator, mind - when the cube double adapter had fallen slightly out of the socket (less than 2mm), created an electrical arc which sparked and caused the fire.

The fire then smouldered through the mattress, melted the fire alarm and the fuse box, and ruined pretty much everything in her flat from smoke damage.

McSweeney posted a number of images from the fire, and it clearly did serious damage. As she tells it, the fire investigator has been trying to get them banned for years, and hoped that if anything good came out of her situation, it's people getting rid of three-pin plug sockets.

There you go. Off with you.