Shetland. Ponies. In jumpers. Cardigans to be precise. And Fair Isle print at that, but who cares there are Shetland ponies wearing clothes. This is up there with IKEA monkey. (Never forget).

Say hello to Fivla of Finnister and Millhouse Vitamin, (OKAY STOP WITH THE CUTE ALREADY) of Thordale Shetland Driving Centre, who were dressed in the tradition Scottish pattern for the Scottish Tourist Boards 'Visit Scotland' campaign for 2013, who are promoting the 'Year of Natural Scotland'. Some of the festivities lined up for the year include 'Up Helly Aa on Shetland', which is Europe’s largest Viking fire festival, Bear Grylls' Survival Academy in the Scottish Highlands, family treasure hunts on horseback during the Wild Spring Festival and the 173rd Royal Highland Show in June. Unfortunately there's no Shetland Pony Knitting Course scheduled. For shame Scotland.