Last week, there was huge Serial news announced as the subject of the first season of the Peabody award winning podcast, Adnan Syed was granted a new trial.

Now Serial creator has given her thoughts on the court's decision to grant Syed a new trial in a recent blog post. She admitted that she was dumbfounded by the news. 

"We weren't so much shocked because of the legal arguments," Koenig writes, "but because it was such a long shot, this outcome."

Koenig went on to summarise the Judge's decision in the following extract: 

"To reduce his conclusion to one line: Welch found that Gutierrez’s cross-examination of the state’s cell phone expert at trial was so deeply deficient, and her deficiency so avoidable if only she’d employed the twin virtues of reading comprehension and attention to detail, that Adnan’s convictions should be vacated, and he should be granted a new trial."

Koenig went on to add that the state now have 30 days the order for a new trial. Until then, Syed's lawyers are seeking bail. 

"Presumably Adnan would like to await the next round — and there will be many more rounds — outside of prison," Koenig said.

Via Vulture