Selena Gomez hosted 'Saturday Night Live' last weekend and we learned a few things from her performance. Number one, she cannot do an Irish accent. Number two, she's single and looking. Number three, she can really play the fool.

For her opening monologue, Gomez talked about the high chances at finding love as an 'SNL' host, citing Pete and Kim as proof (even though they might not be a real couple). But when suitors stepped up in the form of cast and crew, the actress was swift to decline. Ha, ha. So funny.

Gomez is no stranger to relationships; she had a longterm on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber. So when she poked fun at the stereotype of men being useless at traditionally "non-masculine" roles, like doing the grocery shopping, we began to wonder. Was Justin Bieber like that?

Who knows. But 'Old Enough! Long Term Boyfriends!' is pretty gas for anybody who plays any particular role in a relationship where their counterpart is basically useless. Gomez 'boyfriend' returns with a makeup palette for African American skin and a pound of onions. Do we need to iterate that that's not what she asked for, or?

In her monologue, she went on to talk about who she asked for advice from before hosting — imitating Miley in a husky Southern accent, she made the crowd giggle, especially after mentioning that Miley hoped she'd impersonate her.

But the accents didn't stop there, oh no. We heard Australian, what seemed like heavy Spanish, and even Irish. There's actually a full skit wherein she's meant to sound Irish called 'Irish Play'. Our verdict? She was absolutely awful at pulling off our oh-so melodic twang. It was a little bit cringe.

In another scene, we watch as three 'Bratz' dolls come to life when a young girl's parents are divorcing. The actors take the piss out of how much the dolls features are sexualised, Gomez calls them, "sexy dolls for preteens" and tell the young girl about how they watch over her, "like God, but slutty".

Our favourite skit was called 'Three Daughters', echoing a time where noblemen could just pick a wife from a lineup of another nobleman's daughters. But in any reenactment we've seen, there's always a catch. They go on to a multiple of tests to try and uncover who the "weird one" is. Spoiler: she has an ass-less dress.

Ultimately, Gomez is not the funniest host 'SNL' have ever had, but look, there are a few giggles in it for sure.

Check out Selena Gomez 'Saturday Night Live' performance in full on YouTube.