I tried watching the red carpet on E! late last night. But once they started homing in on LL Cool J as an exciting person to look at via their 'glamcam' I took myself to the bed... Between him and the never ending stream of Glee cast members it was just all too much.

Looking at the galleries now, the dresses were nice. Nothing nearly as glamorous or whimsical or eyeshatteringly sparkly as Olivia Wilde's offering from the Golden Globes. Nothing wildly fantastical like that. Everything was just nice. In a rather safe way. I know it was only the SAGs, but all the more reason for a smidge of razzle dazzle, no?! OK, there was this, but it looks a bit itchy, so best leave it be.

Star offerings came upon the bodies of Mila Kunis; January Jones; Paz del la Huerta; Claire Danes (although she'll have to convince me about the belt); Winona Ryder(even she seems surprised);Eva Longoria; Amy Adams; Hailee Steinfeld; Annette Benning; Melissa Leo; Valerie Bertineli; Wendie Malick; Hilary Swank; and - most notably of them all - Tina Fey. How nice not to see her in black or some lacklustre shade of midnight blue.

Those fell slightly into 'Meh, grand' and/or 'Haven't I seen you wear that very recently' territory included Susan Sarandon; Heather Morris; Lea Michele; Jenna Fischer; Kelly Macdonald; Sarah Hyland; Mariska Hargita; Edie Falco; Jayma Mays; Dianna Agron; Barbara Hershey; Denise GraysonJenna Ushkowitz; Nicole Kidman; Rosario Dawson; Amy Poehler; Kim Kardashian; Kyra Sedgwick; Sofía Vergara; Julianna Margulies; Amber Riley; and most disappointing of them all, Helena Bonham Carter... without the odd shoes, the wily plunging neckline and the distracting handbag, her usual 'slight variation of the same Vivienne Westwood theme' just looks ill fitting.

In the bump brigade, Portman made up for the Globes Gown, while Jane Krakowski, not so much...

As always, there were those who just looked a bit off: Jenifer Lawrence; Cara Buono; Jane Lynch; Julia Stiles(she looks nice, but the graduated hue reminds me of a jumper I had in 2004); Kate Flannery (as much as I'd hate to admit it, the hair makes a fair few things she wears look odd) the latter's fellow office worker Angela Kinsey; dude who looks like a lady; bird in a onsie; La Isla Bonita; and the filly who had someone knit sticky back plasters into a gown.

And I'm one to talk, sitting here in one of my many identical polar necks, a jersey dressed stretched beyond all recognition, swaddled in one of my many identical woolly cardigans with my fringe poking me in the eye and horrifically chipped nail varnish. And don't get me started on the stellar work my ratty tights are doing... I still, however, would prefer to look like a woolly butter ball of rage, than resemble this. The face of E! News, everybody... And it's catching.
For the full list of winners and the Winners Press Room Gallery, make your way here.