If ever you needed evidence that we are living in a simulation and that reality is beginning to collapse in on itself, this video should provide ample evidence.

The leader of the free world, who is himself a former reality TV show host, edited into a bizarre local TV news show using seamless technology, and all of it voiced by the guys who made 'South Park' and comedian Peter Serafinowicz.

Ten years ago, if you read that sentence out loud, someone would be asking you if you smell burning toast or if your arms are tingling. Now, however? Completely normal. So normal in fact that we're covering it.

'Sassy Justice with Fred Sassy' sees Trey Parker and Matt Stone team up with Peter Serafinowciz for a local news show about the dangers of deepfakes, by using incredibly well-made deepfakes of Donald Trump as local news anchor Fred Sassy. Not only that, the likes of Al Gore, Julie Andrews, Michael Caine, and Mark Zuckerberg all show up (in deepfake) in the show too.

To say it's bizarre, crudely funny, and unsettling is an understatement. It's... all those things, yes, but it's also so perfectly emblematic of our time.