Picture the scene: You're sitting on the train, cursing your stupid uncomfortable shoes that you chose to wear today, the fact that you got a stain on your jumper and that the wind has thoroughly effed up your head. You're miserable. And then you pull into the next station and bloody Sarah Harding gets on and takes a seat. Well prepare yourselves people, this is a very real possibility now that Harding has taken the London Underground train for the first time in years.

The former Girls Aloud singer is forbidden to get behind the wheel for six months after receiving a ban last week for pleading guilty to using her mobile phone while driving on April 4, and having taken the driving ban seriously, is now opting instead to navigate around London using the complex tube network for the first time since making it big with British girl band. Clearly not arsed paying the taxi fares to be sitting in London traffic then.

Sarah braved the stares of her fellow commuters to take the Northern Line, sharing a candid snapshot of herself on the train, which was pulling into the platform at Angel station, and tweeted:

During her Highbury Magistrate Court hearing, Sarah's lawyer Nick Freeman lamented that the star wouldn't be able to get around without the use of her car because she would be plagued by fans. District Judge Nina Tempia scathingly replied: 'Mr. Freeman is asking the court to deal with you as opposed to a normal person but you are a normal person as far as the court is concerned.'