If you needed yet another reason to love Saoirse Ronan, here it is.

The Irish actress is already more relatable than most of her Hollywood peers, but now she's spoken about how she perceives herself as a 'famous' person - and it turns out that she doesn't see herself as famous whatsoever. Especially not as famous as Justin Bieber.

Speaking in yesterday's Sunday Independent, she said: "I am getting recognised much more [in America] now - because of Lady Bird, I think. But I still have that thing in my head though where I think, you know, Justin Bieber is famous, and that's a level of fame that I don't feel a part of at all.

"So because I don't read any articles about myself and I don't look at any photos of myself or interviews, I'm kind of able to detach from it almost completely. The only thing that I have noticed now is that I do get recognised more. I've always been recognised at home, but it's happening an awful lot more when I'm away."

In the same interview, she also spoke about that infamous SNL sketch that parodied Aer Lingus and basically took the almighty p*ss out of Irish people - which she faced some backlash for.

"I was surprised by that," she said. "One of the brilliant things about the Irish is that we can take the piss out of ourselves. And I love Aer Lingus, I've flown with them since I was a child, and one of the most emotional moments for me about going home is when I get on an Aer Lingus flight and I hear the Irish accent and I'm surrounded by people from home.

"So it was never done in bad taste or anything like that, and you also have to remember, it's a comedy show, and they poke fun at everyone, and they poke fun at themselves, and we had sketches about Brooklyn as well and I wasn't offended. It was all a bit of craic, like."