Let's be real for a moment - most celebrity quarantine videos have been utter crap and exposed an obliviousness that's inherent in modern celebrity culture.

That 'Imagine' video, for example? Awful. At least in this celebrity quarantine video, it's got A) two actors worth their salt, B) some kind of admission that they lived privileged lives, C) it's quirky and funny, and D) who doesn't love Sam Neill and Helena Bonham Carter?

The short film, entitled 'Das Fone Hell', sees Sam Neill return home to find his phone - voiced and played by Helena Bonham Carter - guilting him for being out with another phone. It's exactly the kind of situation we all find ourselves in, and it's completely relatable.

Of course it isn't, but it's doing something so few of these videos have done. It's actively leaning into the utter chaos around us, and the surrealism of it all. A phone voiced and played by Helena Bonham Carter? That's genius.

Take a look.