"Imagine all the people..."

Turns out Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman in more ways than one. In a video she posted to Instagram, she got a whole heap of celebrities to join her in a round of the classic single 'Imagine' by John Lennon.

In the three-minute long video, Gadot speaks of being on "day 6 in self-quarantine" and reflects that has has been "feeling a bit philosophical" about the coronavirus phenomenon sweeping the globe.

She speaks of feeling inspired by a viral video from Italy, which is on lockdown from the virus. It sees a man play 'Imagine' on his trumpet to his neighbours, who are also in self isolation.

Gadot then starts singing the 1971 hit sing and is soon joined by various other celebrities. The likes of Natalie Portman, Mark Ruffalo and Amy Adams all sing a line or two from the song.

Others who make an appearance include Sia, Pedro Pascal, Kristen Wiig, James Marsden, Sarah Silverman, Jamie Dornan, Zoe Kravitz, Chris O'Dowd, Leslie Odom Jr., Eddie Benjamin, Ashley Benson, Lynda Carter, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Norah Jones, Kaia Gerber, Cara Delevingne, Annie Mumolo, Labrinth and Maya Rudolph.

You can't help but smile at the vid, even with the sometimes questionable singing ability.

Check it out: