Ah, the historic feud between Wolverine and Deadpool. The infamous feud goes back decades some say, as far back as the Jackmans and Reynolds' have been alive apparently. Well, that's according to Ryan Reynolds anyway.

In a new video on social media, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have decided to bury the hatchet for one day only, as they raise awareness for a worthy cause. The actors are undertaking the All-In Challenge, the latest digital fundraiser.

Speaking from their homes, the pair who known for each having their own beverage companies will be sipping on lemonade for the foreseeable future.

"The Jackmans and Reynolds have been mortal enemies for as long as there has been Jackmans and Reynoldses..ses," says Reynolds.

"For generations, it's been a point of family honour to oppose each other," Jackman added, before going on to explain that the rivalry stems from his Laughing Man coffee company and Reynolds' Aviation gin business.

"But for one day, and one day only, we have agreed to agree to not disagree and only a pandemic could make that happen," Reynolds went on.

The feuding buddies tell us that there's only one thing that they agree on these days - before talking over the other and saying conflicting statements. Jackman went with "'Friends' is a really good show", while Reynolds said "Hawaiian pizza".

Here's the video of the pair of them trying to be civil with each-other... which doesn't last very long.