Ryan Reynolds has finally come out of the woodwork to drop heaps of dry humour and lift up our spirits up from his own home. The actor appeared on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' recently, where he talked about everything he's been up to since being confined indoors.

Ryan Reynolds on Stephen Colbert is everything we need right now in a celebrity interview from their own house - honest stories about his childhood, information on what he and his family have been getting up to while in self-isolation, and of course the drinking of gin.

Ryan and Stephen decided to crack open their bottles of Aviation Gin for the occasion, to make their own Quarantinis (gin and ice for those of you who want the recipe).

Taking a break from chatting about his family, Ryan discussed his previous jobs in the service industry before he began acting, how to treat waiters with respect, and how working in a grocery store for two years shaped the person he is today. He also spoke very openly about his father and his various crazy antics, before he passed away from pneumonia in 2015.

Feast your eyes on both clips of Ryan Reynolds on Stephen Colbert below. If you're looking for mother-in-law yoga part, it's from around four minutes 30 seconds of video two.

It was recently announced that Ryan Reynolds would be making a second return to Netflix, following the success of '6 Underground' last year.