Russell Brand has not been on the best of terms with the media in recent weeks, and after tweeting a journalist's phone number today, he's unlikely to be mending fences any time soon. 

Between having a go at Fox News reporters and being pretty angry with Channel 4's Paraic O'Brien, he's been on a one man mission to give the media grief, so when a Daily Mail reporter gave him a card with his number on it saying to call him about the topic of tax evasion, Brand decided he had other ideas.

In a post on Twitter, he claimed that the Daily Mail also avoid tax, and tweeted a picture of the business card that had been sent to him that had all the journalist's details.

The reaction to him doing it, even from fellow comedians and people he's normally on good terms with, was not very positive, and so he ended up taking the tweet down.

Of course it had already been screengrabbed and the information has surely made its way to a couple of people by now who won't be using it to call and talk about tax evasion, one imagines.

Not a very wise move from Brand, which he followed up with a tweet that somewhat tried to justify his actions after the fact.